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Online Banking

Business eBanking


Business eBanking

For businesses that need a more robust online banking product

  • Self-administration functionality, allowing you to add and remove users, reset passwords, and control the scope of service and access
  • Real-time information reporting with the ability to filter, sort and save customized reports
  • Allows for dual controls on transfers and disbursements, based on user and/or dollar amount
  • Flexible information exporting options to feed existing accounting systems
  • Email alerts for proactive business decisions
  • Streamlined transactions with real-time account transfers
  • Online positive pay decisioning (optional, requires separate agreement)
  • Online ACH origination (optional, requires separate agreement and bank approval)
  • Remote Merchant Deposit Capture (optional, requires separate agreement and bank approval)

Business eBanking Application 

Business Online Banking Agreement

ACH Services



ACH (Automated Clearing House) transactions are a simple, cost-efficient way to move money

Commercial Analysis Checking customers who use Business eBanking can pay employees, suppliers, and vendors; collect recurring customer payments; and move money between multiple locations quickly and securely.  

Customers using ACH can:

  • Automate the disbursement process
  • Reduce check printing and processing costs
  • Eliminate wire transfer costs
  • Improve security
  • Improve control over payables
  • Improve account reconciliation

Please contact your branch or call (336) 783-3924 for more information about ACH.

Positive Pay



Protect your business against check fraud

With Positive Pay, customers who use Business eBanking can upload a file showing checks issued that day. This file contains the date, check number, amount and payee.

When a check is presented for payment, it is matched against the issued items file. If there are discrepancies, customers are asked to review the exception items and decide if an item should be paid.

For more information, please contact (336) 783-3926.

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