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Commercial Credit Products

We are especially proud of our efforts to help small businesses in our markets obtain the financing they need to start a business or keep their operations growing.

Surrey Bank & Trust was founded by members of the business community who wanted to ensure that credit decisions impacting local businesses would be made locally. That means your loan request is reviewed by people who understand what it means to do business in northwest North Carolina and southwest Virginia. Since credit decisions are made locally, you'll get a faster response. 

You can also be assured that your loan relationship will be handled locally by a seasoned commercial lender, who will work with you to understand the specifics of your industry and what it takes to help your business prosper. Whether you are looking at financing one vehicle or a multi-million dollar construction project, our commercial lending team can structure a loan package that is right for your business. 

Agricultural Loans



We offer a variety of term loans to help with major purchases, including property acquisition and livestock purchases

Surrey Bank & Trust finances a variety of agricultural related activities such as land purchases, warehouse operations, grain storage, crop production and farming machinery and equipment. Loans can be structured on a revolving, seasonal or term basis, and repayment can be structured to work with how you receive your cash flow.

SB&T offers financing for all types of agribusiness:

 Loan Types

  • Farm machinery and equipment purchases
  • Crop production
  • Livestock and poultry production
  • Warehouse operations
  • Grain storage
  • Timber logging, hauling and milling
  • Agricultural products and supplies
  • Viticulture
  • Farmland purchases
  • Farm Service Agency Loans

Commercial Lines of Credit



Convenient short-term funding

Whether you need operating capital or want a safety net to help weather a seasonal slump in business, a line of credit is a convenient way to have money available when you need it. SB&T offers commercial lines of credit that give you flexibility and access to cash to meet your short-term working capital needs, such as:

  • Seasonal borrowing needs
  • Receivables financing
  • Inventory financing

Line amounts, terms, repayment schedules and collateral can vary and be structured to meet the specific needs of your business.  Funds can be advanced with a phone call to your loan officer or, in most cases, by transferring funds in Online Banking or Business eBanking.¹

¹Some restrictions may apply.

Commercial Term Loans



Term loans with regular payments

Commercial loans are typically used for the purchase of assets including real estate, buildings, equipment, machinery, trucks and other vehicles.

  • Loans are made for a specific period of time, generally reflecting the life of the asset.
  • Regularly-scheduled payments make it easy to budget
  • Payments can be made by automatic debit from a checking account or scheduled automatically using Online Banking or Business eBanking.


Letters of Credit



Let us help expedite transactions

Whether you are buying or selling goods, a letter of credit can expedite your transaction and protect your interests. Our experienced commercial loan officers work with you to make sure you understand the requirements and to structure a letter of credit that meets your needs.  Letters of credit are most frequently used for international transactions, but may also be used for construction projects, bonding programs, or when doing business with an unfamiliar company.

Surrey Bank & Trust offers two types of letters of credit:

Standby Letters of Credit 

Standby letters of credit are a guarantee of payment issued by a bank on behalf of a client that is used as "payment of last resort," should the client fail to fulfill a contractual commitment with a third party. They are often referred as secondary payment options which means they will be utilized in case another primary payment mechanism does not work, and therefore are rarely funded.

Commercial Letters of Credit

Commercial Letters of Credit are a contractual agreement between a bank, known as the issuing bank, on behalf of one of its customers, authorizing another bank, known as the advising or confirming bank, to make payment to the beneficiary which is often a key supplier to the bank’s customer. This means that you open a letter of credit to your supplier to pay for the goods you buy directly via letter of credit. Your supplier will be paid by our bank just after they make a complying presentation under a commercial letter of credit. It is the primary payment method in international sales.

Both standby and commercial letters of credit are irrevocable and conditional payment and governed by ICC's rules and accepted worldwide by most financial institutions.


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